A solid ram that has performed well since birth, highly fertile wrinkle free animal. White long and bold wool. W111 has set the benchmark for our future breeding. Rarely do you have a Sire in the top 1% for PWT, YWT, AWT and fleece weight (There are only 42 rams Sheep Genetics that meet these criteria, 5 of which are Wilga Rams), along top 5% for WWT and Staple length.

Wilga – 160153

W153 was used to produce Autumn 18 drop progeny against KP980. It was a good progeny testing trial to show the carcass performance along with fleece weight of W153. He bred true to type delivering lambs that outshined KP980, they had faster growth rates on a wrinkle free body and clean breach, but still with good fleece weights (only 10% less than industry leading KP980).

Kerin Poll 980
In Oct 2016 we were fortunate enough to be able to purchase Kerin Poll Stud Sire KP980, a sire that Nigel has used extensively in his own stud, as well as Sire Evaluation trials. KP980 has a Yearly Clean Fleece Weight (YCFW) of + 42%, which is the highest ranked sire in Sheep Genetics with an accuracy of 95% or higher. He is also the highest ranked Ram used in the Merino Superior Sire Evaluations for 2011-2015. He has become a huge impact sire here at Wilga Merinos and has produced some exceptional progeny, with good carcass traits as well as bales of wool on their backs – all without increasing wrinkles. The progeny are as straight as a gun barrel.

Hill Padua -140268

Top priced ram at Hill Padua’s 2015 Sale, he has tremendous carcass traits, Top 1% for YWT, Top 5% for PWT, YEMD and Top 10% YCFW. A real DUAL-PURPOSE Sire. He has contributed to some of the highest lamb survival rates here at Wilga Merinos.